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Planting Seeds for Generations to Come

Evergreen Society founding members

Cedar Lake is here today because many of our founding families have left a lasting impact with their own gifts and bequests. Over the years that have followed, the work of Cedar Lake continues thanks in large part to the generosity and thoughtful planning of supportive families and friends.

The Evergreen Society recognizes and honors all individuals who provide support for Cedar Lake in their wills, trusts, life income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance designations and other planned gifts. By joining others who have taken this step, you will have the satisfaction in knowing that you are a part of a very important legacy.

Those gifts have either been added to the Cedar Lake endowment or earmarked for capital needs. In either case, they are working now and will always work for the lasting benefit of the men and women we serve.

  • Gifts placed in endowment grow in value and earn income. Endowment income supports the needs of clients who are indigent and abandoned, allowing to them to live in a degree of dignity and security they could not otherwise dream of.
  • Endowment growth also provides a reserve that assures continuing excellence in our service when other sources of support are reduced or when costs unexpectedly rise.
  • Gifts used for capital needs keep our facilities up-to-date and also allow us to expand so that we can offer more activities and services to those who make their homes with us.

The gifts that members of The Evergreen Society have made provide financial stability to Cedar Lake. So long as Cedar Lake maintains that stability we can offer security and comfort for the men and women we serve.

The Evergreen Society at Cedar Lake is our way of recognizing those who have made gifts to support our work through their wills or other plans that produce gifts from their estates. We want to keep alive the memory of those who have passed on and to honor those living persons who have prepared plans that include a future benefit for Cedar Lake.


Membership in The Evergreen Society is open to all friends of Cedar Lake who appropriately complete an Enrollment form and return it to the Cedar Lake Foundation. Membership will include invitations to sponsored planned giving events.


Recognition of members of The Evergreen Society includes publishing only their names in materials intended to promote charitable giving to Cedar Lake.


Cedar Lake always respects a donor’s expressed wish to remain anonymous. The enrollment form provides a place for enrollees to grant or withhold permission to print their names. In those cases where permission is withheld, Cedar Lake will recognize the enrollment as "An Anonymous Parent, Friend or Family" as appropriate.

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